So, you have decided that floor sleeping is the way you are going to go from now henceforth. Meaning that you already know by now that futon care is different from mattress care and futon covers Canada care. The Japanese futon mattresses are awesome to sleep in and offer greater comfort compared to the regular mattresses that most people are used to. Many futons also come with different steps that you can take to ensure that they last much longer even as you are using them. Here are some great tips and tricks you might want to apply in your futon mattress as well to ensure that your stay durable for much longer as well.

1. Preventing Mold

After finally making the decision to be sleeping on your floor every single night, you need to start considering the possibility of mold building up especially on the bottom side of your futon. This is usually more prevalent in the people who live in cold areas and places with high rainfall or humidity. Mold can become an issue in such situations.

The best futons are in such a way that they ought to wick moisture from your body and direct them towards the floor. So, if you are looking to have your futon mold-free, you can create the habit of folding it up every morning when you wake up. You can then store them in a special closet if you have one. This will give your futon mattress the chance to dry up plus also allow the sleeping space to be used for other things during the day.

You can also place the futon in traditional reed mats called tatami to prevent them from catching mold.

2. Airing your Japanese bed

You can also choose to air your futon mattress and let it get some sunshine as well to help it stay in top condition. The sun will help to fluff the futon, dry it out completely and also give it a lovely fresh smell. You will find that most Japanese homes, even some of the smaller apartments, have places to air and dry out their futons. You can also decide to vacuum it from time to time if you can’t easily air it every day.

3. Keeping your futon clean

Special futon sheets are available that you can always use to spread on your futon mattresses. But any other good bed sheets can work too. Cotton sheets can, however, be the best as they can help a great deal, especially by wicking moisture from your body and are also pretty cool during the summer periods and warmer in the winter seasons.

A mattress protector can also work, especially in homes with children and pets around. You can also opt to get a good vacuum that can clean all the pet hair from your futon and just keep the area around your futon clean.

4. Cleaning your futon

Accidents are another worry that you need to watch out for with your futons. Maybe you spill something on your futon by accident. The best way to remove the spill is by using old towels. You should apply as much pressure on the spill using the towel to get as much of the spill out of your futon as possible. Spills can also lead to mold growth in your futon which is why it is essential that you take appropriate measures as soon as possible.