5 Etiquette Tips for Your Limo Ride

If you are taking your first trip in a limo, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make it a good experience for you and the limo company. Also, if you are in the Toronto area, be sure to check out the Yorkville Toronto Limo company.

1) Show your driver respect.

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Your limo driver desires to make sure you have a good experience. Be sure to also respect your driver. Don’t yell, insult, or harass the driver to do anything illegal. Respect them as you would respect anyone else driving you. Allow them to open the door so you can enter into the limo and be sure to let them open the door so you can leave.

2) Take care of the limo.

photo via Pixabay creative commons

Don’t trash the limousine. Remember, you won’t be the last one to use it. So, treat the limo with respect and take any of your things with you that you bring into the limo.

3) Avoid partying too much in the limo.

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The limo driver and limo company want you to have a good time. Most of all, though, don’t overdo it. Getting too rowdy in the limo as it can cause accidents and potentially put you and anyone else in the limo in an unsafe scenario.

4) Let them know about your passenger count.

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While the limo company may realize you will have last minute add-ons, let the company know about how many will be in your party. It helps them prepare for the type of limo you need.

5) Tip the driver.

photo via Pixabay creative commons

Show the driver an extra courtesy by tipping them at least 20% of what the rental cost is. As long as your driver is respectful, polite, and responsible, you should give them a tip. 

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