Flower delivery services often offer so many options that it can be hard to pick just one or two. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to narrow down the options and make a good choice every time. There are more resources available at King West Flowers.

1. Consider the Occasion

Every flower has its own unique set of connotations. For example, red roses are strongly associated with romantic feelings. You should always consider the occasion for which you are ordering flowers to make sure that their connotations are appropriate for the event. That means having roses or other romantic flowers delivered on anniversaries or on Valentine’s Day, while opting for alternatives when celebrating a birthday or other platonic event.

2. The Venue Matters

You should also keep the venue in mind when you are ordering flowers for an event. Most of them will already have decorations, and it is important to make sure that the flowers can coordinate with those decorations. The easiest way to do that is through the use of color. Decide where each flower arrangement will go before ordering them, and make sure that the arrangements are made up primarily of flowers whose color compliments that of the surrounding area.

3. Think About the Recipient

It can be easy to rely on a small number of classic options that almost all flower shops offer, but there are plenty of unique and exciting options to choose from. You can often get a better reaction by thinking about the recipient, their favorite colors, and the flowers that you know they like when you decide which flowers to order. That will give you the opportunity to tailor your flower delivery to their preferences, which almost guarantees that you will get a positive reaction. After all, it is the thought that counts, and making sure that the flowers match their preferences demonstrates that you thought carefully about them.

4. Think Seasonally

Modern growing techniques mean that you can get plenty of flowers at any point during the year. However, flowers grow in specific seasons in nature, and those seasons can be a useful tool for helping you pick which ones to order. People generally link the plants that they see in the wild with the seasons, such as by associating sunflowers with summer. Picking flowers that correspond to the current season is a great way to make a flower arrangement seem naturally appealing.

5. Trust the Florist

You don’t have to plan your flower delivery alone. The average florist will be happy to give you advice to make sure that you pick out something appropriate. They are the experts on the topic, so you can often get great results by simply telling them what you need in general terms and letting them pick out the best options.