A watch must typically fit securely around an individual’s wrist, allowing enough room for comfort while not being so large that it slides easily out of position while wearing it. Many traditional watches with a leather or even a plastic wristband have an adjustable buckle so that the user can easily choose the right level of comfort. Metal watches typically must have links taken out by a professional jeweler in order to achieve the desired size based on the circumference of the individual’s wrist. However, if you are thinking about investing in wooden watches, you may be wondering how the wristband size can be adjusted.

Visit a Jeweler Who Specializes in Wooden Watches
Many wooden watches are sold with wristbands on the large size, and this is because it is far easier to take links out than to add links. Therefore, wood watches are often sized to accommodate individuals with larger wrist sizes, and this means that those with average or smaller wrists must make adjustments. Just as you can take a metal watch to a jeweler for adjustment, the same holds true for wood watches. Some jewelers will not work on wood watches, so you may need to call ahead or stop by for a personal consultation. Wood watches have the same types of screws holding the links together that metal watches have, but you may need to educate jewelers about this if they have no prior experience working with wood watches.

Adjust the Wristband Yourself
Another idea is to adjust the wristband yourself. This may save you both time and money, but it can be a bit frustrating in some cases. You will need to invest in a tiny jeweler’s screwdriver in order to remove the screws from the links you want to remove from the watch. Keep track of each tiny screw that you remove, and this is because you will need re-install some screws to put the watch back together after you have removed a suitable number of links for your needs. Working with tiny holes and screws is difficult, and you may find that you strain your eyes or lose a screw or two in the process. If this process is too frustrating for you, a jewelry store is a better option. Many can adjust the watch for you while you wait.

You will not be able to comfortably wear your wooden watch until it has been adjusted to a size suitable for your wrist. After you have ordered your watch, be prepared to take time to adjust the wristband on your own or to take it to a jeweler before wearing it. If you need additional resources, Tense Enterprises Inc. may be able to offer you more information on their website.