How To Raise Serious Money For Your Mobile App Based Startup?

Bringing In Big Money For Your Mobile App Startup


Raising money for anything can be a tricky tightrope to try to balance on. Most of us are not naturally inclined to ask other people for money. We tend to be rather poor at it since most of us are taught from an early age to be self-reliant. The business world can sometimes flip this notion on its head when it comes to raising money for something that you care about.

The reality is that the vast majority of us will have to ask for funding for something that we want to build at some point in our career. When that thing is a mobile app you will want to read the following for some great ideas about what to do next.

Make A Concise Argument For Why Your App Is Essential

No one invests in something that they don’t see the value in. An individual creating an app obviously see why what they are making is valuable.

However, is it possible that others will miss this understanding? Of course, it is! The developer has to be ready to explain out in a quick pitch what is so important about their app.

Keep it short in order to not lose the attention of your audience. Their attention is the only thing that matters when trying to sell them on this app.

Understand The Competition

Business analysis

Understanding and outdoing the competition are essential to creating a good reason for a venture capitalist or angel investor to put money into what you are doing.

You have to make something that is unique enough that it does not already exist out in the app market. It also has to be of a higher quality than the existing apps.

Investors are happy to put their money into apps in which both of these things are true.

Think About Branding


In the world of mobile app development, you have to let the world know what your app is really all about. You will want to have a reputation as being a certain kind of app in order to generate as much buzz as possible.

You get to decide on your branding and how you want to come off to the world. It is mostly important that you just craft your pitch in such a way that people will automatically associate your app with a certain thought in their mind (hopefully a positive one!).

Don’t Come Off As Desperate


Desperation is never appealing to anyone. You simply cannot walk into a meeting with an angel investor and make it obvious to them that they are your only hope for getting this app up and running.

They will detect this right away and be repelled by the idea of investing in you.

They will immediately understand that you do not have any other options and that you are coming to them as a last resort.

This will seem fishy to them, and they will likely not put money into your project as they will get the sense that they are going to lose their investment if they do.

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